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Getting to the Shore
The Stoogeum, Ambler
When you don't want to drive
By Jason Laughlin
Staff Writer

If the weekly routine of navigating traffic to the Shore isn't to your tastes, or you don't have a car, there are other options: car services and public transportation that can get you to the beach. Here are a few of the ways:


Rail is a reliable option, but until June 22 it might be an arduous trip. The Atlantic City Rail Line leaves from 30th Street Station 12 times over the course of a weekday, generally about every hour and a half, but construction on the line means that the train will take you only as far as Lindenwold from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. During this period, travelers must switch to a bus at Lindenwold for the rest of the route. A one-way trip costs $10.75 and takes a bit more than 90 minutes, if the train is running. Another alternative is to take PATCO from Center City to Lindenwold for $3 one way, but that doesn't solve the problem of needing to take a bus from there during the early part of the summer.


NJ Transit buses offer connections with most Shore towns, so check the website to see those options. There are plenty. A trip to Cape May from the Greyhound terminal at 10th and Filbert Streets, for example, costs $24.75 and takes a little less than 3.5 hours, according to the bus schedule. Routes that require transfers often make riders change buses in Atlantic City, so consider combining a train trip to get to A.C., then picking up a bus from there.


Ride sharing can get you there, but it'll cost money. Prices vary, depending on whether you use Uber or Lyft and where you're heading. Getting to Atlantic City can cost about $100. Sea Isle City costs between $110 and $125, and Long Beach Island would run $100 to $120. Those prices could differ widely depending on when you try to take the trip, as both Uber and Lyft boost their prices when demand is higher. There are more expensive options through both services, if you want to use larger black cars, but cheaper options are not available. In Philadelphia, a variety of pool services allow customers to get a cheaper ride if they're willing to share the trip with strangers, but those options aren't available on longer trips — such as to the Shore.


If money is no obstacle, charter flights are available. A trip for four on a small jet from Philadelphia International Airport to Cape May County Airport costs between $6,700 and $9,500, according to Executive Jet Management. Bigger planes are available that are more luxurious, but no faster. To most Shore destinations, the prices are about the same. Travel time is about 12 minutes.

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