-Southern Comfort-

Beef Tenderloin

peach wood smoke, red eye gravy


candied yams:sage, pecan, orange blossom marshmallow

jalapeno cornbread : oxtail, cheddar cheese

en croute : collard greens, barbeque beef cheeks



Southern Comfort is about the South of the past, flavors and textures many American Southerners are familiar with.

These items might be considered classic or traditional.

We tried to maintain the integrity of these items, yet still serve them in a slightly modern way.







-Southern Flair-

Loin of Cod

Pecan Squared, tomato marmalade


fried okra : bentonís bacon, buttermilk

shrimp with grits : quail egg, black diamond

terrine of shellfish : duck liver, swiss chard

green onion bread pudding : pepper confit, scallop



Southern Flair is contemporary Southern Cuisine.

The South is a melting pot of cultures and cuisine, and is ever growing to this day.

Our approach to this platter was to take products from the South

and incorporate produce and flavors from other regions and countries.




Kevin Sbraga Culinary Director Garces Restaurant Group

Aimee Patel Commis Amada